Double Cone Mixer with flexible Containers

Perfect for Post Blending

Cone Mixer inspired by our Container Mixers

MIXACO conical mixers are clearly superior to conventional conical mixers in terms of functionality and flexibility. The cone mixing container is not permanently installed, but can be easily separated and replaced from the mixing head and mixing tools.

Thanks to the container principle, batches can be changed more quickly and further processing can run without interruption. The mixing chamber is rotated 360 degrees for mixing and optimal mixing results are achieved for countless raw materials.

Innovative and patented mixing technologies and extremely variable mixing tools enable optimal homogenization, coating, wetting, agglomeration, blending, dispersion and much more.

Our conical mixers are the result of more than 50 years of experience in industrial mixing technology. Convince yourself of the outstanding mixing quality with a free mixer test – of course with your own raw materials.

Cone mixer for all Industries

  • Cone blender for Foodstuff, Pharmaceuticals, Building Materials, Colors, Plastics, Feed etc.
  • More effective processes due to interchangeable mixing vessels
  • Perfect mixing by "mixing upside down
  • Optimized mixing process due to parallel operation (filling, mixing, emptying, cleaning)
  • Quick emptying & cleaning due to separation of container & mixing head
  • Individual and gentle mixing techniques for nearly every raw materials
  • Homogenizing, agglomerating, dispersing, wetting, coating, etc.
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MIXACO Double Cone Mixer – also for your raw materials


Food Stuff

Optimal and gentle mixing of even sensitive foods:

  • Muesli, cereals, nuts
  • Vitamin powders, food supplements
  • Spices, flavors, enzymes, proteins
  • Fats, salts, spices
  • etc.

Plastics & PVC

Highly flexible mixing of all plastics in the form of powder, granules or flakes:

  • Plastic Powder for 3D Printers
  • Granules for Injection Molding Machines & Extruders
  • etc.

Chemistry & Colors

Mix powders for paints and powder coatings with maximum color yield:

  • Color masterbatch
  • Monomasterbatch
  • Bonding
  • SPC
  • Metal powder
  • etc.

Feed Stuff

Mix feed for farm animals to exotic feed with a wide range of requirements.

  • Dog food, cat food, bird food, pet food
  • Protein feed, minerals, vitamins
  • Compresses, concentrates, extrudates, sticks, extract
  • Grains, seeds, plants, flowers, leaves, herbs
  • Veterinary & special feeds
  • etc.


Process over 100 rubber raw materials into more than 400 different rubber compounds.

  • TPE
  • TPO
  • Natural rubber
  • EPDM
  • NBR
  • etc.

Building Materials

Mix dry building materials perfectly with countless additives.

  • Cement mortar, lime mortar, fireclay mortar
  • Cement colored, Cement hydraulic, Cement high fine
  • Plastic plaster, silicone plaster
  • Plaster
  • Abrasive agent
  • Polishing agent
  • etc.


Mix powders of active ingredients and excipients for drugs with high precision and absolute batch uniformity.

  • Powder blends for tablets, capsules, pills
  • Starch and cellulose perfectly blended with active ingredient powders
  • Powder coatings for tablet coating with specific properties
  • Particle agglomeration for particle size enlargement
  • etc.


Mix diverse raw materials and colors for powders in cosmetics production.

  • Rouge
  • Eye shadow
  • Make-Up
  • Powders for eyelid and eyeliner pencils
  • etc.

MIXACO Cone Mixer

Container Mixer Multitool

Cone mixer with two material streams – for mixing without temperature increase

Container Mixer Vortex

Cone mixer with mixing vortex. For precise heat supply and controlled melting points.

Container Mixer i4

The most effective conical mixer ever – ideal for large quantities and frequent recipe changes.

MIXACO Double Cone Mixer in Action


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MIXACO Cone Mixer – Details

Convince yourself of the advantages of our conical mixers in the variant as container mixers with exchangeable mixing containers:

  • 100% perfect mixing without dead spaces due to mixing position upside down
  • Acceleration of production processes due to short mixing times starting from 2 minutes
  • Consistently reproducible mixing quality – even with different filling levels
  • Batch tracing
  • Extremely fast batch changes due to container principle
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low-cost, use-dependent maintenance
  • special surfaces for food (ViwateQ coating)
  • low-dust discharge stations
  • temperature-neutral mixing of sensitive goods
  • several process steps in one conical mixer: mixing, moistening, flavoring, coating, melting, etc.
  • high throughputs, rapid emptying, fast recipe changeover
  • variable filling level up to 80%
  • no product contamination due to closed mixing chamber
  • batch sizes up to 3,000 liters
  • high mixing quality even with difficult components – for end products of consistent quality
  • gentle mixing of fragile powders (e.g. filigree effect pigments) without breakage
  • reduction of rejects (e.g. pigment savings when mixing paints, powder coatings, etc.)
  • easy and very safe handling of the mixers
  • minimal cleaning effort for fast recipe changes: mixing elements and mixing tools easily accessible and demountable
  • robust & low-maintenance machine technology “Made in Germany” guarantees high availability
  • with ATEX versions
  • Time-saving, hygienic design
  • Mixing parameters individually adjustable
  • Mixer test and mixing optimization in our test centers
  • Innovative process control of the conical mixers via the MIXACO Control Center
  • also available as double cone mixer
  • less failure-prone and lower maintenance costs compared to conical screw mixers

Testing the conical mixers is essential to find the optimal mixer for your raw materials, recipes, batch sizes and throughputs.

Come to our test center and test our conical mixers free of charge and without obligation – with your own raw materials.

Learn more about testing mixers.

MIXACO conical mixers process raw materials of the most varied consistencies:

  • granular consistency
  • Powder
  • Fine powder / dust
  • Granules
  • Flakes
  • Pellets
  • Flakes
  • and many more

Our conical mixers are used in virtually all industries. They mix all dry or wet mixes – also in different particle sizes, bulk densities and flow properties.

For example, spice mixtures for the food industry or masterbatches for paint production can be homogenized. Our conical mixers perform any individual mixing task and, in the heated mixer variant, can also function as dryers, reactors or evaporators.

Benefit from the superior mixing technology of our conical mixers also for your raw materials and products:

  • Hygienic preparation of food & food supplements (e.g. milk powder, muesli, vitamin powder, instant soups, spices, pastries, beverage powder etc.)
  • Pet food for pets, livestock and exotics (e.g. bird feed, fattening feed, horse muesli, herbs, pellets etc.)
  • Detergents & cleaning agents
  • Fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides
  • Paints, powder coatings, pigments & toners
  • Building materials such as cement, concrete, plaster, silicates and mortar
  • Ceramic powders
  • Battery powders, metal powders and granules
  • Plastics, polymers, rubber
  • Powders for cosmetic products
  • Powders and granules for pharmaceutical products (e.g. powder for tablet production)
  • Powder for fire extinguishers
  • and many more

MIXACO conical mixers are suitable for a wide variety of mixing processes and applications in the processing of countless raw materials:

  • Homogenization of bulk materials
  • Gentle mixing of free-flowing and segregative powders and pastes
  • Moistening of powders
  • Coating and granulation
  • Coating of solids with liquids
  • Mixing of irregular components
  • Masterbatches
  • gentle homogenization
  • Improvement of product quality
  • Particle coating
  • wetting of particles
  • modification of functions and properties
  • and much more

MIXACO conical mixers are available in various shapes and sizes and are suitable for countless mixing techniques and processing methods. Cone mixers without base plate and guide fork are possible – for simplified handling and improved hygiene.

Batch sizes: 6 to 3,000 liters
Production capacity: up to over 6,000 liters per hour
Mixing drum diameter: 0.3 – 3.6 m

Via various options, our conical mixers are perfectly adapted to the processing of your raw materials:

    • Dust removal with replaceable filter bags
    • temperature measurement
    • integrated weighing
    • aeration and feeding during the mixing process
    • dosing / spraying / injection of liquids and gases during the mixing process
    • Mixing head cooling
    • sampling
    • explosion-proof ATEX versions
    • double-jacketed design for tempering of the mixing material
    • Data recording and evaluation
    • innovative MIXACO Control Center & remote maintenance
    • hygienic design
    • Cleaning wet or dry
    • Cooling, heating, drying
    • Water cooled motors
    • water cooled tools
    • mixing, coating and drying under vacuum
    • individual mixing tool geometries
    • wear-resistant designs against abrasion, corrosion and adhesion
    • dust-resistant machine components
    • individual sealing variants
    • hydraulic lids and discharge flaps
    • double discharge pipes
    • and many more

We have over 50 years of experience in industrial mixing technology and also manufacture the perfect mixer for your raw materials and products.

MIXACO cone mixers / double cone mixers guarantee an extremely long service life and minimal downtime due to proven and patented machine technology. Many of our mixers have already been in use for 30 years.

However, if malfunctions occur, we are always there for you with our 24/7 emergency support.

Individual maintenance tailored to your mixer and usage saves you expensive maintenance contracts.

Important spare parts and wear parts are always on site on our recommendation, so you minimize downtime.

Missing spare parts will be delivered as soon as possible and of course our service team will be at your site quickly in case of emergency.

You can test our mixers or even borrow them for real use in your plant. We also offer you the opportunity to experience MIXACO mixers live at one of our reference customers.

Double Cone Mixer – Know How

A conical mixer has – as the name suggests – a cone-shaped mixing vessel in which two or more components are mixed.

In contrast, the design can also be drum, cylinder, cube or tetrahedron due to the geometry of the mixing vessel.

Cone mixers are usually batch mixers or discontinuous mixers, in which batches of mix are processed and removed one after the other (in contrast to continuous mixers).

According to the type of force input, a cone mixer may have a movable mixing hopper or movable mixing tools – usually these are augers or paddles / paddles. Accordingly, there are different types of cone mixers:

Cone screw mixer
The classic cone mixer has revolving spirals or an auger through which the material to be mixed is conveyed upwards along the container wall. The material sinks down over the center and is returned to the mixing process. This is known as the convective mixing effect.

Cone Paddle Mixer
The cone paddle mixer has a central paddle rotor. The rotation of the rotor causes a combination of vertical and axial movement in the cone mixer. The paddles carry the product to the surface where it disperses and sinks back down the center by gravity.

Cone twin screw mixer
In the twin-screw mixer, two symmetrically mounted screws convey the mix from the bottom to the top. Due to gravity, the mix flows downwards in the middle, where it is picked up again by the augers.

In contrast to the moving mixing tools, however, a conical mixer can also transfer force to the mixture inside by moving the mixing container. This type of mixer is often referred to as a drum mixer. A classic drum mixer is the cement mixer on the construction site.

MIXACO cone mixers have both moving tools and a moving mixing container that is turned upside down for the mixing process. Although it is not a classic drum mixer, the combination of moving mixing tools and overhead mixing produces better mixing results and is much easier to clean than in a conventional cone mixer with a fixed mixing chamber.

In addition, MIXACO conical mixers can be equipped not only with screws and paddles, but also with numerous other mixing tools, some of which are patented. Thus, a MIXACO conical mixer can be used more flexibly and individually than conventional conical mixers.

Especially in food production, smaller mixers with particularly short mixing cycles are in demand. Feeding, mixing process and discharge should be as fast as possible.

No other conventional conical mixer can be emptied as quickly as a MIXACO conical mixer, because the principle of exchangeable mixing vessels or containers means that the next batch can be mixed directly while the previous mix in the container is fed to the next production step. Process interruptions for emptying are virtually non-existent.

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