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Efficient PVC dry blend processing for outputs up to 8.500 kg / h

MIXACO – High-End PVC Mixing Machines

The mixing department is the heart of every PVC processor. Given the large variety of applications and individual recipes, every Dry-Blend has its own challenges.

To conquer these challenges and break down any barriers, a highly flexible mixing department is the key factor. Since the 60s, MIXACO has been a global strategic partner for the PVC application manufacturing state of the art mixers for decades.

High Throughput and Superlative Mixing Quality

  • Process-optimized mixing tools for optimum energy input and gently mixing
  • Vortex-enhancing design of blades and vessels, to ensure 100% homogenization
  • Newly engineered cooler stirrers for increased cooling performance and better double-batching-performance
  • Output range from 425 kg/h to 8500 kg/h
MIXACO Made in Germany

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HM+KM Heating & Cooling Mixer for PVC

Numerous sizes and options to solve every blending challenge.

MIXACO’s combined heating+cooling mixer systems are characterized by their outstanding product preparation in the heating phase and high-efficiency cooling performance.

The horizontal cooling mixers are designed for high-volume throughput, rapid processing and 100% reliability.

Heating / Cooling Mixer – Options

MIXACO PVC-Mixer – For all PVC Products

MIXACO PVC Mixer – Details

Enormous variety of PVC Dry-Blend processing

The variety of applications in the PVC are enormous. Therefore, the HM+KM’s need to be as flexible as the variety in the PVC industry requires.

u-PVC / unplasticized PVC / rigid PVC

  • Window Profiles
  • Technical Profiles
  • Pipes
  • Fittings
  • Compounds
  • Sheets
  • Boards (rigid and foamed)

p-PVC / plasticized PVC / soft PVC

  • Films
  • Cables
  • Hoses
  • Compounds
  • Sheets
  • LVT
  • Medical

Wood Plastic Composite / WPC

  • Profiles
  • Boards
  • Sheets
  • Deckings

Stone Plastic Composites / SPC

  • Flooring
  • Deckings

Heating and Cooling PVC Dry Blends exact to the degree

MIXACO’s combined heating+cooling mixer systems are characterized by their outstanding product preparation in the heating phase and high-efficiency cooling performance. The horizontal cooling mixers are designed for high-volume throughput, rapid processing and 100% reliability.

Outstanding PVC Mixing Technology & 100% Service

MIXACO Heating Mixer, Cooling Mixer and combined Heating-Cooling-Mixer perfectly fit the processing of PVC Dry Blends.

Come and try our PVC-Mixers for free in our modern testcenter in Neuenrade in Germany – and bring your own raw material.

    • perfect cooling process prevents clumping of hot PVC-material
    • mixing up to 8.500kg per hour
    • perfect Double-Batching
    • dispersion of powder with powder, granulate and liquid
    • Compliance to most common safety regulations like CE, UL/NEMA, CSA etc.
    • suitable for operation with ATEX-/ NEC requirements
    • Remote Service & Support
    • innovative control unit: MIXACO Control Center (MCC) including IoT-integration (“Internet of things”)
    • individual configurations and completely custom-made PVC mixers

horizontal PVC Heater / Cooler Mixer

vertical PVC Heater / Cooler Mixer

MIXACO Heiz-/Kühlmischer

MIXCAO Heater-Cooler Mixer “HM+KM H” – technical data sheet

Learn more about MIXACO Heating / Cooling Mixer.

MIXACO PVC Heating Mixer “HM”

Perfect dispersion of powder with powder, granulate or liquids

MIXACO PVC Heating Mixer “HM” – technical data sheet

Learn more about the MIXACO Heating Mixer.

PVC Cooling Mixer – cooling without clumping

The new KM H high efficiency, horizontal coolers are designed to give the best performance in cooling hot PVC Dry-Blend from the hot mixer.

Thanks to the high surface area of heat exchange (vessel + sides + lid), and the action of the main agitator, that ensures an intense contact of the Dry-Blend with the exchange surface, coolers KM H guarantee the lowest final cooling temperature. Therefore, it is possible to store Dry-Blend into intermediate storage silos, avoiding the formation of lumps due to thermal inertia of the Dry-Blend.

Horizontal PVC Cooling Mixer “KM H”

MIXACO PVC Cooling Mixer “KM H” – technical data sheet

Vertical PVC Cooling Mixer “KM V”

The new KM V vertical coolers are designed for an economical and reliable solution for throughputs of up to 3.000 kg/h PVC Dry-Blend.

The mixture is cooled in the vertical cooling mixer by gently circulation the material on a cooled surface. A water flow in the mixer bottom and in the side wall ensures that the mixture is optimally cooled. After the mixing process is completed, the cooled material is quickly discharged via the contoured discharge valve.

MIXACO PVC Cooling Mixer “KM V” – technical data sheet

Our combined heating cooling mixers are controlled with a Siemens S7-1500 PLC and meet today’s requirements for safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Given the control system is developed and programmed by one and the same company, it is ensured that the mixer components are optimally integrated.

Alternatively, you may also select an Allen Bradley PLC Control, including the touch panel, or the control can be implemented pursuant to UL/NEMA. The controller can also be equipped with an interface for data exchange with a higher-level controller.

A Siemens TP1200 operating panel (12” color display with touch operation and Ethernet interface) is used to visualize the process. Depending on the operating panel, the combined heating cooling mixer can be operated in manual or automatic mode.

The mixing parameters are entered and managed in tabular form through individual work steps.

Parameters such as time, temperature, current, speed, liquid addition, etc. can be easily defined in each work step and saved in a mixer program. Up to 99 mixer programs may be saved on the operating panel. 

The control system can be optionally equipped with integrated remote maintenance and the MIXACO Control Center.

Unlimited options for MIXACO PVC Mixers

MIXACO Mixers are known to be the most flexibel PVC mixers in the market based on their various and individual specifications.

  • Cooler Weighing
  • Vacuum Dehumidifying
  • Jet-Filter / Aspiration Jet Filter
  • Liquid Injection / Liquid Spraying
  • Closed Loop Heat Exchanger
  • Wear resistant Probe
  • Contour Shaped Valve
  • Sample Pickup
  • Hinged Lift / Tilting Lid
  • Explosion Safety
  • Data recording and evaluation
  • Remote Service

We offer remote service for all our machines. Our remote maintenance module enables fast and secure access to the HM+KM combinations controller via a VPN tunnel.

This in turn allows our service team to diagnose and rectify any malfunctions without having to visit the site.

MIXACO has the ability to manufacture their mixers in compliance to the most common safety regulations and electrical/Mechanical standards; such as CE, UL/ULC, NEMA, CSA, etc.

Our mixers can be manufactured to be used in potentially explosive dust and gas atmospheres of all ATEX and NEC zones and divisions, when the requirements are specified.

The machine acceptance is carried out and documented by an official inspecting authority or a correspondingly certified employee.

The MIXACO Control Center, short MCC, is the IoT cooperation platform and Industry 4.0 pioneer in the mixing industry from MIXACO.

24/7 Service & Support

With more than 7.500 machines installed worldwide, MIXACO is a heavily service driven manufacturer. To grant our customer always the best support, we maintain one of the biggest Service Departments in our sector with more than 2.500 spare parts constantly on stock.

Our team of 4 Customer Support Advisors are available through our hotline 24/7 and will remain at your complete disposal and help you throughout all issues.

Together with our brilliant network of local first-aid diagnostic technicians and our own vehicle fleet, we work very close with our customers and will always provide full support, globally!

Learn more about Service & Support.

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