Mixer Testing

Visit our Testcenter!

Check out for free our industrial mixing machines in our sophisticated Testcenter in Neuenrade in Germany or in Greer in South Carolina.

Bring your own raw materials and mix your recipes under realistic conditions.

You will be thrilled by the quality of mixtures and the easy handling of our machines – try it out.

Benefit additionally from our free Mixing Consulting to further  improve your mixing process. With over 50 years of experience we can certainly improve your mixtures.

We gladly book a hotel for you and of course we provide you with coffee, lunch and beverages while you are testing our mixing machines.

Mixing under realistic conditions

  • Mixing of any raw materials and recipes

  • Handle our mixers yourself after e short introduction

  • We check the quality of the mixtures directly in our own laboratory

  • Watch the legendary 10-minute cleaning of a mixer

  • You can rent our mixers for trying them in your plant

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That’s how the Mixer Test works

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Free Mixing Consulting

A mixer testing includes a free consulting from our experts – certainly we can improve your mixing results.

New at industrial mixing?

Say goodbye to time consuming manually mixing. Industrial mixing is profitable even for start-ups and small businesses.