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PVC MIXING FACTS: FACT #5. What is the most efficient Hot & Cold mixer sizes?

This question gets asked frequently, but in the past, it was harder to define. Now there is a solution to provide the answer for it! MIXACO calculated the cost-performance-ratios for all their heating / cooling mixer combinations and the result was astonishing.


The criteria for the evaluation are the following:

  • Mixer Price
  • Power Consumption
  • Cooling Water Consumption

The criteria is set in proportion to the hourly output of each mixing system. The Output is a performance value.

Machine price

For different output ranges, hot & cold mixers need special design considerations to provide the optimum performance. The design of the mixers affect the machine price. To bring the mixer price and performance in a ratio, the following formula was used:

Power Consumption

Moreover, the required energy to operate the mixer tower needs to be considered, especially since the heating mixers have very large motors installed to reach the performance. The workload we have considered for the different output ranges is the following:

Motor6 Batch/hr.8 Batch/hr.10 Batch/hr.
HM Standard Motor60 %
HM Boost Motor60 %80 %
KM Standard Motor60 %60 %
KM Boost Motor80 %

Cooling Water Consumption

In addition to the power consumption, the cooling water consumption of the cold mixer is an important criterion. For each HM+KM combination the water consumption and the resulting energy cost needed to cool the water was calculated. 


Six (6) Batches/h

Eight (8) Batches/h

Ten (10) Batches/h


As we can see, for six (6) and eight (8) batches/h, the HM+KM 1000/3700H is unbeatable. In the second place, the HM+KM 2000/7000H with six (6) and eight (8) batches/h, if a larger output is required. When hitting the mark of ten (10) batches/h, the HM+KM 800/3700 is first, while the HM+KM 1500/7000H is second.

When comparing the output ranges of six (6), eight (8), and ten (10) batches/h to each other, we can see that the five (5) most efficient mixers at all are at eight (8) batches/h. Whereas, the HM+KM 800/3700H with ten (10) batches/hr. comes in last.

The most efficient machine is the HM+KM 1000/3700H with eight (8) batches/h

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