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Maintenance, Spare Parts & Repair – Minimize Downtimes

Maintenance: Reduce costs through individual maintenance

Our well-proven and high-quality machine ­technology reduces malfunctions and downtimes to a minimum.

Many of our mixers have been in operation worldwide for more than 30 years – an impressive proof of our robust and reliable mixer technology “Made in Germany”.

From over 50 years of experience, we know how to minimize downtime with targeted and proactive maintenance.

Individual maintenance intervals instead of standard maintenance contracts

Our maintenance is customized to your mixer and its use, minimizing your maintenance costs.

  • Targeted maintenance reduces costs and increases efficiency
  • Maintenance customized for mixer and use
  • We report automatically according to sensible, usage-dependent intervals
  • Maintenance only when really necessary
  • Predictive maintenance is possible through remote monitoring
  • Remote software updates

Spare parts and repair: Avoid downtime with spare parts packages on site

Even reliable and robust technology cannot completely prevent wear appearances.

To perform immediate repairs ourselves, we recommend indi­vidual wear parts packages – because we know exactly which part should be replaced and when.

This means you always have important spare parts for your mixer on site and can drastically reduce downtimes.

Fast spare parts delivery and worldwide repair service

  • Fast spare parts shipment – also by express and special trip
  • Our service team is quickly on site – worldwide
  • Spare parts for mixers of other manufacturers (this has to be checked by Mixaco first)
  • High availability of all common parts
  • Availability of spare parts guaranteed for many years

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rüdiger Winkens
Sales Manager

Dr. Herfeld GmbH & Co. KG
Niederheide 2
58809 Neuenrade

+49 (0)2392 9644-15