Industrial Mixing for Beginners

The ideal Mixing Machine for your Business

Industrial Mixing Machines for Start-Ups and Small Businesses

Manual Mixing takes too much time due to increasing demand, growing portfolio and new recipes?

Would you like to realize more output, shorter production time and frequent recipe switches?

Our mixers are perfectly suited for starting industrial mixing. MIXACO mixers are easy to handle. They mix a great variety of materials from different industries.

You can mix even the most sensitive raw materials like proteins, aroma, cereals or baked goods.

Why using Industrial Mixing Machines?

  • Reduce mixing-time down to 3-6 min
  • reduce production costs
  • one mixer for small to large outputs
  • flexibel output & recipes
  • always the same quality
  • integration in process automation
  • very easy handling

0% risk buying a MIXACO Mixer

You get to know our mixers before buying them.

  • Try out mixers in our Testcenter

    Check out our Mixing machines – using your own raw materials

  • Watch our mixers in real life

    Experience our mixers in a facility of one of our customers

  • Rent a mixer

    We ship the mixer for testing to your company – before buying

  • Permanent Mixer Leasing

    Avoiding high investment costs by permanent leasing

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Mixing for Beginners – FAQ

Are you still mixing manually? There is a much easier way. Visit our Testcenter, bring your own raw material and we will show you how to find the perfect mixing machine for your application. See how to become more productive and cost efficient – make an appointment for a free test mixing in our testcenter.

There are lots of different industrial mixers for various mixing processes and applications. Which mixer is best for your business depends on your raw materials. We will help you to find the perfect mixing machine for your needs – which might be a challenge for beginners because there are tons of different mixer types:

  • Container Mixers
  • Ploughshare Mixers
  • Stationary Mixers / Static Mixers
  • Planetary Mixers
  • Laboratory Mixers
  • Dispersion Mixers
  • High Speed Mixers
  • Bag Mixers
  • Barrel Mixers
  • Batch Mixers
  • Single Lever Mixers
  • Continous Mixers
  • Universal Mixers
  • Vacuum Mixers
  • Compulsory Mixers / Forced Mixers
  • Dry Mixers
  • Liquid Mixers
  • High Shear Mixers
  • Inline Mixers
  • Horizontal Mixers
  • Vertical Mixers
  • Heating Mixers
  • Cooling Mixers
  • Combined Heating / Cooling Mixers
  • and much more

The best size of the industrial mixer depends on the throughput you want to realize. How much material has to be processed per hour, per day, per week and per year? We show you how to calculate throughput and appropiate mixer size – make an appointment for a free consulting.

Absolutely. There are industrial mixers with proper mixing tools and gentle mixing techniques even for the most delicate raw materials like enzymes, flavours, bacteria, cereals, herbs or baked goods.

The MIXACO Container Mixer Multitool for instance is an extreme flexible mixer which homogenizes temperature sensitive materials without harming them.

Yes, you can easily mix lots of different recipes with one and the same mixer. Various configurations, mixing tools and add-ons allow unlimited mixing applications for lots of raw materials.

Every configuration can be saved in the control panel of the mixer in order to switch quickly between different recipes.

There are lots of additional options for industrial mixers to fit the individual requirements of your mixing process:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Heating and/ or cooling of mixed goods
  • Injections during mixing process
  • Explosion safety
  • Charging and discharging stations
  • Weighing of goods
  • Sample Pickup during mixing process
  • Dedusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Dehumidifying
  • Dual discharge
  • Water cooled tools
  • Flexible mixing tools configurations
  • Combination of diffferent mixers
  • Industrial mixers for small batches from 6 liters upwards
  • and much more

The maintenance interval of your industrial mixer should depend on the intensity of its use.

Instead of expensive standard service intervals we offer individual maintenance. We know our mixers, we know exactly when certain wearing parts are prone to fail. We only wait our mixers when it’s really neccessary – that’s how you save a lot of money for not needed maintenance.

And you don’t have to think about maintenance at all because we will contact you as soon as your mixer demands a check. Our innovative remote service often replaces expensive personal checks on site.

We recommend a list of spare parts you should have in stock. Minor problems can easily fixed by yourself, you don’t have to wait for spare parts or our service team –  that’s how you minimize downtimes and reduce costs.

Learn more about our Service & Support.

Some of our mixers are 30+ years of age  – and still in use!

But of course the best and most reliable technology sometimes fails. In case of a defective mixer that you can’t fix yourself with one of the spare parts in your stock – our support is available 24/7.

Learn more about our 24/7 Support.

Industrial mixers are operated via a control panel. After an introduction and a short training, everybody is able to handle our mixers properly.

Easy saving of different recipe-programs minimize stall times and guarantee quality standards.

The effort for cleaning an industrial mixer depends on size, model and used raw materials. Visit our Testcenter and clean our mixers yourself – it’s easier and quicker than you might think.

The price for an industrial mixer is the same like for a car: it depends.

Size, tools and additional options for the mixer make huge differences in price  – use our “Mixer-Configurator” to get a realistic price for a mixer that suits your requirements.