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Mix 5 to 20 liters. Laboratory mixer for research, development and small production.

Our laboratory mixers are ideal for quality assurance, small quantities, formulation testing, optimization of mixing processes and development of new processes.

The reproducibility of the results on the actual pro­duction process is decisive here. The mixing containers can be easily changed – cleaning before the next mixing process is no longer necessary.

Our laboratory mixers are ideal for quality assurance, small quantities, formulation testing, optimization of mixing processes and development of new processes.

The reproducibility of the results on the actual pro­duction process is decisive here. The mixing containers can be easily changed – cleaning before the next mixing process is no longer necessary.

Advantages of the MIXACO Laboratory Mixers
Laboratory mixer for 5, 6, 10, 12 or 20 liters
Optimal for mixing, coating, chopping, etc. on a laboratory scale

Interchangeable mixing containers in different sizes
Linear and precise scale-up to production possible

Intuitive operating of the laboratory mixer for manual and automatic operation
Realistic simulation of production results

Laboratory Mixer Lab CM

Laboratory mixer for 6 or 12 liters

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Laboratory Heating Mixer Lab HM

Laboratory mixer with heating and cooling function up to 20 liters

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Advantages of our Laboratory Mixers. Easy and safe scale-up to production possible.

An optimal laboratory mixer enables uncomplicated, reliable and flexible research and development work. The laboratory mixer must be able to realistically reproduce the mixing processes for actual production in order to transfer the results from the laboratory scale by scale-up.

For this, the laboratory mixer must master the mixing processes and applications used in production. Our laboratory mixers master all mixing applications of large mixers, and the results can be easily reproduced.

With its innovative mixing tools and variable mixing processes, MIXACO laboratory mixers are ideal for many industries, raw materials and applications.

  • Mix small quantities from 5 liters to 20 liters
  • Ideal for frequent recipe changes
  • Laboratory mixer for all common mixing processes
  • Process different consistencies: dry, plastic, pasty, liquid
  • Laboratory mixer with heating function
  • Fast and effective – short mixing times with high mixing qualities
  • Reliable scale-up – direct transfer of test results to industrial production
  • Replication of various mixing processes of large industrial mixers
  • Handy, lightweight 5, 6, 10, 12 or 20 liter containers for versatile use in the laboratory
  • Exchange of mixing containers and mixing tools in a few seconds
  • Injection of liquid or gaseous media during the mixing process
  • Three-dimensional material transport for optimal mixing results
  • The laboratory mixer is not a benchtop unit, yet it is space-saving and easy to install via Plug & Play
  • Powerful and speed ­adjustable mixing drive for versatile applications
  • Intuitive operation of the laboratory mixer for manual and automatic operation
  • Innovative tool design for different mixing tasks
  • ATEX executions
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance requirements and low-cost, usage-dependent remote maintenance
  • Special surfaces for food
  • No dead spaces or cavities
  • No product contamination due to closed mixing chamber of laboratory mixers
  • Aggressive to gentle mixing of sensitive, temperature ­sensitive and fragile raw materials
  • Minimal cleaning effort for fast recipe changes: mixing elements and mixing tools easily accessible and demountable
  • Touch panel control with data acquisition and visualization (e.g. temperature, speed, effective power, torque, degree of moisture…)
  • Proven and low-maintenance machine technology “Made in Germany”
  • Joint product development and mixing optimization in our test centers
  • Innovative control and monitoring of the laboratory mixers via the MIXACO Control Center (cloud monitoring)

Mixer Quotation Configurator: Just 2 minutes to the perfect mixer for your raw materials.

Simply tell us your requirements and we will recommend you the optimum mixer for your raw materials and applications. Use our configurator.

With your details on quantities, mixtures, temperatures, additional ­functions and other information, we will prepare a customized quotation for you.

Laboratory mixer for many applications. Demanding mixing tasks on a small scale.

Our laboratory mixer has all the functions and mixing applications as the large industrial mixers. This means that even sophisticated mixing processes and procedures from production can be reproduced and predicted on a laboratory scale.

The MIXACO laboratory mixer is suitable for many different raw materials and mixtures. The flexible mixer is used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, paint and chemical industries, among others – mixing processes include:

  • Mixing
  • Homogenizing
  • Comminution
  • Coating
  • Dispersing
  • Defibering
  • Drying
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Tempering
  • Mixing processes under protective gas
  • Vacuum mixing
  • Injection of liquids / gas
  • Coloring

Here are a few examples of other special applications in the laboratory:

  • Mixing of battery masses and raw materials for the energy storage solution
  • Mixing for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Pharmaceutical wet granules
  • Small batches of bulk materials
  • Small batches for food development
  • Mixing of flavors
  • Coating of the mixed material with melted fats and recris­tallization by addition of liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide snow
  • Melting and cooling
  • Coating of plant ­protectants by slow addition of liquids
  • Quality control of raw materials / incoming goods
  • Loading of carriers with liquid, for example in detergents
  • Grain build-up by repeated addition of liquids and powders
  • Dyeing of plastics
  • And much more

Options. Laboratory mixers perfectly matched to your raw materials.

With us, there is no such thing as “the” laboratory mixer – from us, you get “your” laboratory mixer, perfectly adapted to your raw materials, products and requirements.

No matter which execution, with our laboratory mixer you can rely on perfect results of the trial mixes leaning on your industrial scale.

  • Design as laboratory heating mixer
  • Dedusting
  • Temperature measurement
  • Ventilation and feeding during the mixing process
  • Dosing / spraying / injection of liquids and gases during the mixing process
  • Stainless steel design
  • Mixing head cooling
  • ATEX executions
  • Data recording and evaluation
  • Remote maintenance
  • etc.

As the inventor of the container mixer, we at MIXACO are committed to innovation in the industrial mixing process.

FAQ. Laboratory Mixer Knowledge.

What is a Laboratory Mixer?

A laboratory mixer is a mixer for small quantities that is used, for example, in research, product development, quality control, process development, product improvement and mixing optimization.

In this context, the “small quantity” on the market can vary from 1 ml to 50kg – because there are different requirements for the mixing size of the laboratory scale depending on the industry.

The design of the laboratory mixer is also not fixed. From the small benchtop unit to the larger floor-standing unit, a mixer can function as a laboratory mixer.

The laboratory mixer can be a mini-wheel mixer, in which a whole vessel is rotated, or a laboratory stirrer, a mini-agitator that is lowered into a mixing vessel. The barrel mixer or tumbler mixer also exists in smaller laboratory mixer variants. As with the large tumbler mixer, here a closed container is moved / shaken as a whole.

Laboratory mixers for more demanding applications and raw materials can be equipped with different tools and mix air- and dust-tight.

Our MIXACO laboratory mixer is a small container mixer that works on the principle of interchangeable mixing containers.

The mixing container is turned upside down for the mixing process, so that gravity contributes to an optimum mixing result and mixing can take place completely free of dead space.

Service & Support for MIXACO Laboratory Mixers. You can rely on us and our experienced technicians.

We install the laboratory mixer at your site, put it into operation and integrate it into your production process.
We rely on individual maintenance that is tailored to your laboratory mixer. This is more efficient and cost-effective for you than long-term standard maintenance contracts.
In case of malfunctions, we are available for you
Fast remote maintenance by our technical professionals directly at your machine.
We deliver spare parts at short notice and are promptly on site with technicians.

More than mixers. Holistic customer care for over 55 years.

Test mixer free of charge and without obligation

Test our mixers in our test center – with your own raw materials, of course.

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Mix & Process Consulting

Have your mixing process checked by our mixing professionals – free of charge & no obligation.

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The MIXACO Technical Center

In our test centers we can optimize all parameters for your compound.

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