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Mixing PVC Dry-Blend. Innovative mixing technology for perfect homogeneity.

Blending is the heart of every PVC manufacturer. Due to the high variety of appli­cations and individual formulations, each dry blend has its own challenges.

Our innovative PVC mixers have the necessary flexibility and guarantee maximum product quality.

Blending is the heart of every PVC manufacturer. Due to the high variety of appli­cations and individual formulations, each dry blend has its own challenges. Our innovative PVC mixers have the necessary flexibility and guarantee maximum product quality.

Advantages of MIXACO PVC Mixers
Flexible mixing of PVC dry-blends with output from 450 to 8,500 kg / h
Process-optimized mixing tools for optimum energy input and homogeneous mixing

Vortex-improving designs of tools and vessels to ensure 100% homogeneity
Newly developed cooling mixer tools for improved cooling capacity and better double-batching performance

Extremely powerful heating-cooling mixer combinations
PVC mixer made to measure thanks to numerous additional options

Heating-cooling mixer for PVC. High throughput with optimum mixing quality.

MIXACO’s combined heating-cooling mixer guarantees outstanding preparation of the mixture in the heating phase and highly efficient cooling performance.

The horizontal cooling mixer is designed for the highest possible throughputs, fast processing and 100 % reliability.

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Control System. Highest efficiency and maximum user-friendliness.

The informative and clear MIXACO process visualization on the control panel ensures safe and reliable operation of the entire heating-cooling mixer combination.

The control of our heating-cooling mixer combinations is based on a Siemens S7-1500 PLC and meets today’s requirements for safety, efficiency and economy.

The development and programming of the control system from a single source ensures optimum integration of the mixer components.

Alternatively, it is also possible to use components from Allen Bradley (incl. Panelview operating unit) or to design the control system in accordance with UL/NEMA.

In addition, the control can be equipped with an interface for data exchange to a higher-level control system.

A Siemens TP1200 operating panel (12″ color display with touch operation and Ethernet interface) is used for operation and process visualization. On the basis of the operating panels, a function-oriented operation of the heating-cooling mixer combination in manual or automatic mode is possible.

The mixing parameters are entered in a special recipe management system. Parameters such as circumferential speed, dehumidification, discharge, liquid injection, double batching and much more can be activated and defined.

The recipes are stored in a directory for later use. Optionally, the control can be equipped with integrated remote maintenance.

Operating Modes

  • Manual operation
  • Automatic mode
  • Cleaning mode

Process Visualization

  • System status
  • Process parameters
  • Machine setting
  • Error management

Process Parameters

  • Mixing temperature
  • Mixing time
  • Mixing tool speed
  • Power consumption
  • Mixing drive
  • Torque (optional)
  • Liquid injection (optional)

PVC Applications. Mixing PVC dry blends in the high throughput range.

PVC heating mixers and cooling mixers must be extremely flexible, because the variety of applications in the PVC industry is enormous. 

MIXACO PVC mixers process PVC-U, PVC-P, PVC-C as well as PVC composites such as WPC or SPC as the basis for an infinite number of end products.

  • Homogenize
  • Dispersing
  • Dyeing
  • Preparation
  • Agglomeration
  • Comminution
  • Drying
  • Coating
  • Bonding
  • Wetting
  • Fiber pulping and dyeing
PVC-U / Rigid PVC

MIXACO industrial mixers produce perfect PVC mixtures, which serve as raw material for the production of various products made of rigid PVC, such as:

  • Window profiles
  • Technical profiles
  • Pipes
  • Fittings
  • Compounds
  • Thermoforming sheets
  • Sheets (hard or foamed)
  • etc.
PVC-P / Soft PVC

Mix PVC with additives, colors and plasticizers to create perfect blends for manufacturing a wide variety of flexible PVC products:

  • Foils
  • Cables
  • Hoses
  • Compounds
  • Sheets
  • LVT
  • Medical products
  • etc.
Wood Plastic Composite / WPC

Benefit from the superior temperature control of our mixers and produce PVC compounds for the manufacture of WPC products:

  • Profiles
  • Boards
  • Sheets
  • Laminate
  • LVT
  • Planks
  • etc.
Stone Plastic Composites / SPC

You will not find better mixers than ours to mix PVC powder with stabilizers as a base to produce SPC:

  • Floors
  • Planks
  • Sheets
  • LVT
  • Laminate
  • etc.

PVC Heating / Cooling Mixer horizontal and vertical. Heating and cooling to the exact temperature.

Outstanding PVC Mixing Technology

With our combined heating-­cooling mixers, PVC compounds are precisely heated and then highly efficiently cooled. The horizontal design of the PVC heating-cooling mixer was developed for large throughputs, fast processing and 100% reliability.

Our heating mixers, cooling mixers and combined heating-cooling mixers are suitable for mixing and processing PVC raw materials like no other industrial ­mixer.


  • No clumping of hot PVC mixtures due to optimum cooling
  • Mixing with throughputs up to 8,500 kg/h
  • Optimized double-batching
  • Dispersion of powder with powder, granules and liquid
  • Safety compliant to standards CE, UL/NEMA, CSA etc.
  • ATEX design with acceptance by certified personnel
  • Cost-saving remote maintenance
  • Cloud monitoring “MIXACO Control Center”
  • Customized PVC mixers

PVC Heating Mixer. Perfect Dispersion.

Optimal dispersion of PVC powder with powders, granulates or liquids

The new HM series of heating mixers offers the optimal solution for all applications where dispersion of powders with powders or granules with or without liquid addition is required. The possible applications are manifold.


  • Dry blends of rigid and soft PVC
  • WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composites based on PVC / PP / PE with wood flour content)
  • Thermoplastic polymers (PVH, PVA, PC, POM etc.)
  • Hot or cold dispersion of color masterbatch, additives and powders
  • Premixing of powder coatings
  • Powder coatings / bonding with metallic pigments or mica
  • And much more

PVC Cooling Mixer Horizontal. High efficiency cooling without agglomeration.

The new high-efficiency KM H horizontal cooling mixers are optimized for maximum performance in cooling hot dry blends from the turbomixer.

Thanks to the large surface of the heat exchange area (tank, sides and lid) and the intensive contact of the dry mix with the exchange surface by the main agitator, KM H cooling mixers allow the lowest possible final cooling temperature.

This allows the dry blends to be stored in intermediate ­silos, which counteracts the formation of lumps due to the thermal inertia of the dry blend.

All surfaces that come in contact with the product are made of highly polished stainless steel for easy cleaning and to prevent material buildup.

PVC Cooling Mixer Vertical. High efficiency cooling without agglomeration for smaller batch sizes.

The KM V vertical cooling mixers have been developed to provide econom­ic and reliable solutions for throughputs up to 3,000 kg / h.

In the vertical cooling mixer, cooling of the mix takes place by gentle material circulation on a cooled surface.

A targeted water supply in the mixer bottom and side wall ensures optimum cooling performance of the mix. After completion of the mixing process, the cooled mix is quickly discharged via the contour-shaped outlet.

Options. For Customized PVC Mixers.

Numerous additional options allow our PVC mixers to be individually adapted to your compounds and PVC applications.

Options for the Mixer

Side Injection Nozzle

Wear Resistant Probe


Liquid Spraying

Sample Pickup

Vacuum Dehumidifying

Nitrogen Blanketing

Options for the Vessel

Lid Tilting

Hinged Lid

Dual Discharge

Spraying on Choppers

Contour Shaped Valve

Semi-Spherical Valve

Wear Resistant Vessel


Cooler Weighing

Automatic Greasing

Explosion Safety

Options for Tempering

Water Cooled Motor

Water Cooled Tools

Vessel Tempering

Closed Loop Heat Exchanger

Filter / Aspiration

Dehumidification of the mixture by means of aspiration is crucial for the optimum quality of dry blends. A constant air flow transports the moisture out of the heating mixer to avoid buildup in the mixer.


Jet-Filter / Aspiration

Bag Filter Box


Depending on the design, our mixers can be used in potentially explosive dust and gas atmospheres of all ATEX zones by nitrogen inerting or oxygen concentration measurement. A machine acceptance is carried out and documented by an official inspection body or an appropriately certified employee.

Remote Maintenance

The remote maintenance module provides the possibility to access the control of the heating/cooling mixer combinations quickly and securely via a VPN tunnel. This enables our service team to diagnose and rectify faults without having to be on site. This makes data recording and evaluation possible.

Mixer Quotation Configurator: Just 2 minutes to the perfect mixer for your raw materials.

Simply tell us your requirements and we will recommend you the optimum mixer for your raw materials and applications. Use our configurator.

With your details on quantities, mixtures, temperatures, additional ­functions and other information, we will prepare a customized quotation for you.

As the inventor of the container mixer, we at MIXACO are committed to innovation in industrial mixing technology.

PVC Mixing Facts. Technical papers on optimal PVC mixing.

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Service & Support. Rely on our experienced technicians.

We install the PVC mixer at your site, commission it and integrate it into your production process.
We rely on individual maintenance tailored to your PVC mixer. This is more efficient and cost-effective for you than long-term standard maintenance contracts.
In case of problems with your mixer, our experienced technicians are available around the clock – 365 days a year.
Remote monitoring and remote software updates mean that hardly any on-site maintenance is required.
We put together sensible wear and spare parts packages for your mixer. We supply further spare parts as quickly as possible.

More than mixers. Holistic customer care for over 55 years.

Test mixer free of charge and without obligation

Test our mixers in our test center – with your own raw materials, of course.

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Mix & Process Consulting

Have your mixing process checked by our mixing professionals – free of charge & no obligation.

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The MIXACO Technical Center

In our test centers we can optimize all parameters for your compound.

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